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  • Category Page Order By Drop Down Box

    Can this drop down box above the products be removed? If I need to change the html page, how do I know which html page to check? I see two labelled category 0 and category 1. What is the difference between these?

    Thank you

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    Multiple templates for category pages

    Hi dynoJean,

    The "Sort by" dropdown box as many elements of your pages can be remove directly from the html. Remember that you have access to all this files thru your FTP account, the default location on the templates/common folder.

    You'll find more than one category and listing (product) page, each one should have a number at the end. This means that you have 2 different pages that you can use for the categories and 2 different pages for the product pages. So you can actually remove the dropdown box from category_0.html but keep it on category_1.html.

    Then from the CATEGORIES section on the administration panel you're able to choose the style you want to use for each category and product page, just change the values for "Category Page Display Type" and "Product Page Display Type".

    Just in case, the form you're looking for is called "frmsortby". If you need additional help or if you would like us to do the change for you, just submit a ticket at


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      Thank you, jimmy and answering on a Sunday no less! I'll give it a try.