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Order # missing in PayPal payments

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  • Order # missing in PayPal payments

    I just noticed that order #'s are not showing in the PayPal payment. I thought before it used to say something like "Payment for order # XXXXXX" in the payment notification email from PayPal under "Description".

    Are order #'s being included in PayPal payments for anyone?

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    It used to appear below the total on the left hand side if the buyer used their PayPal account to pay. For Website Payments Pro it never appeared.
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      In Payments PRO I noticed that too.
      At our last cart the order # and the items ordered were in the paypal order details. It does kinda concern me That when a customer goes to see the charge in paypal that ther are no order details:(
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        I was checking our last few orders paid by PayPal and only one PayPal payment has the order # included. It says "Total for order #XXXXXX".

        I don't know if the customer entered this or if 3dCart did, but no other orders with PayPal payments are like this.


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          We switched to 3D Cart in May and I only recently noticed that no order info comes through with Paypal website payments pro. Our old cart not only contained the order number, but also broke out the shipping charge separately. I contacted 3D tech support and was told they do not transmit any of that info to Paypal, so we won't get it anymore. It is very useful to have that show up in there. He suggested it posting it to the requested features page and try to get votes for it. If you post it, I will certainly vote for it!