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Weird Glitch Today - Prices Doubling on Phone Order

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  • Weird Glitch Today - Prices Doubling on Phone Order

    Of course tech support could not reproduce the error, but today I was taking a phone order, left the order to change the setting to allow for backordered items (we don't normally allow them, but I was making an exception for this customer) and when I returned to the order several items had doubled in price! For example, an item that is $49.99 was suddenly $99.98. And the customer was only ordering one. This happened to about five items. The only reason I caught it right away was because the order went from around $500 to $700 after changing the setting.

    I hope this is an isolated incident.


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    this happens. I have been able to reproduce it when you start a phone order and then view the order online thru the shopping cart.


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      Have you ever notified tech support?


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        I did talk to tech support and they said this can happen if you have phone orders set to allow custom pricing. So if you're going to switch to view the storefront when taking a phone order and you have it turned on, you may run into this issue.


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          This is still happening and searching the forums, it appears that #DCart is aware of this bug since the beginning of the year but it still isn't fixed.


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            You should notified tech support


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              Nothing like stating the obvious. Really, if you got nothing why type anything.
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