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Anyone seen a drop in traffic over the past week?

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  • Anyone seen a drop in traffic over the past week?

    Over the past week I have seen a huge drop in traffic yet my daily search engine reports show all my listings in Google have not had any position changes. Starting to make we wonder if changes to get the sites ready for the upgrade is somewhat causing traffic issues?

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    I've noticed the same thing and keep checking Google stats, against 3d stats against Woopra stats and I was thinking maybe it's just summer and people are busy??


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      But we're seeing an increase in repeat traffic on Woopra but without those visitors making a purchase. I think they are coming back to make sure the item is still available but don't want to spend $$ yet. Possibly due to uncertainty about what is going on in D.C. Summer is normally not a problem for us.

      We have cut back on spending ourselves and are not replacing personnel who leave in order to preserve cash that may be considerably more expensive a month from now.

      Like you our position in search engines is good and remains so. Just fewer queries.

      Just some other possibilities.


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        No drop in traffic for me - but my sales are not really seasonal.
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          Traffic and sales have been up since moving the store from ProStores.
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            OK I'm play

            July 3rd and 4th we dead.
            Last nine days surprisingly way above average.

            Truth is 3dcart does alot to make sure updates go well.
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              I've almost surpassed last month's sales with 2 weeks to get better. My sales have been going up 50% +/- a month since I started here. The few days before and after any holiday are usually slow for me. So this increase in sales has been a pleasant surprise! Considering the overall economy, I guess I'm doing fairly well for products that fall under disposable income purchases!


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                I've not panicked or thought something's wrong with the cart or anything, the three biggest car shows of the season are going on, one just ended, the next is coming up and another two weeks down will be the third, thus the reason I figured summer and people are busy. My work, which is my product, is seasonal, during the show season and in the first part of the year when these old rides are coming out of body shops and getting ready for show season LOL


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                  I run a seasonal business and we've been with 3D Cart about 2 months now. My google analytics shows almost identical traffic patterns from last year to this year, but on average we're seeing 30% more visits... but the ups and downs from day to day on the line graph match almost identically. I'm always amazed that people all over the world seem to collectively decide to shop on the same days... so weird.


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                    Traffic seems to have returned back to normal. Not sure what happened that caused the traffic to be down for around 8 days.