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3dFeedback not working properly

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  • 3dFeedback not working properly

    Has anyone else found that the 3dFeedback feature isn't working as it should? We tried and tried but had to remove it for now. Just so I don't have to type it all out again, here is the description of the issues we listed in our support ticket:
    Today we have tried to add the 3dFeedback form, but it doesn't seem to be working right for us. For the moment we removed the widget from our footer so it isn't there. When we had it up, the widget would display on the right as it should, and the form opened, but no matter what browser we used to test it, the form never allowed any info to by typed in. All it would allow was for the number of stars to be selected. It also doesn't display our categories in the order we specified even after we cleared our cache. In addition, we set it to request contact info, but that isn't working either. I did see that only some plans can use that, but we are on the Professional Plus so I would have thought we would have that feature? Also, this is just a side note, really, but there isn't any way in the admin to navigate back to the main 3dFeedback Settings page from the Edit Categories or View Feedback pages. That is a minor glitch, but it is rather annoying to have to go back to Settings>General>Store Modules>3dFeedback every time we make any changes.

    Is anyone else on v4 having trouble with this?
    Laura Z
    Brass & Silver Traditions

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    At least you got v4 id live to be in your shoes I have huge plans for make an offer and group buys/daily deals


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      I gave this feature a go as well, and I am having the same issues. I took a look at the files that run this thing and it looks pretty complicated, lots of ins and outs! I bet they will get it straightened out soon. It's will be a nice feature.

      It's a shame it doesn't pop-up in a nice modal window like quickview and quickcart. It also needs some style tweaking. I don't think I want it to say 3dfeedback. People might think it was some sort of 3rd party company or something.

      Please post an update once you hear from support.


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        Hi all,

        Thank you for pointing this out. Just a small issue that was missed when the release packages were created.

        For 3dfeedback, we created a series of Categories and Sub-Categories for feedback comments. The idea is your visitors pick a general category, then they select a sub-topic of that category to leave the feedback on.

        Based on this forum posting, (thank you, again) we investigated this and discovered the release package had the Categories but not their respective Sub-Categories. :o

        This had the effect of letting you select the star rating on the feedback, but not much else. Furthermore, it wouldn't record any actual submitted rating since there was no comment to tie it to.

        So, we're currently re-inserting the corrected Feedback Categories (and subs) to everyone's account right now. This should be completed in the next hour.

        Sorry for the confusion!


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          Well, I am glad to know that it wasn't just me being an idiot. Thanks for the information. We will look forward to reimplementing this later today.
          Laura Z
          Brass & Silver Traditions


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            Thanks Laura for testing out the new features for us.
            Much appreciated :)
            Go Live Industries


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              Can anyone tell me if this has been fixed yet? Mine still isn't working! :mad:


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                same here - does not work on either store - I can enter stars but cannot write any comments and nothing is recorded when I submit
                Pat Cotter

                The Preemie Store


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                  Same here. Not working.


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                    Does not work and the page even blows up when you mouse over the information icon in the settings page for it.



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                      OK, We just implemented the Feedback feature on our site and it seems to be working as intended. I can insert text and it is saved and viewable in the dashboard. With only fooling with this new feature for about a half hour, I will say this:

                      1. It is definately NOT user (customer) friendly right out of the box! It is not clear if the star ratings are for each question or just an overall rating. Our initial testing shows it is an overall rating that the customer FIRST selects and THEN they can answer some questions.
                      2. The questions (categories for feedback) are confusing. Using the feedback one is not sure if their answers (comments) are saved if they move to another section automatically OR they should hit the "Submit" button each time! So far, it seems that each section is saved seperately and sent all at once when the Submit button is selected.
                      3. I would also like to see a bit more flexibility in how/where the box is displayed on our websites.
                      4. When hitting the "send" button, the next screen has the "Subscribe me to your newsletter" box auto selected - I don't care for that! I don't want my customers to be forced to sign up for anything! Especially email or newsletters (CAN-Spam regulations)
                      5. It is NOT user friendly!! Did I say that already?!?! This feature has GREAT potential but definately needs tweeking.
                      6. Out of 5 Stars, I give 3DCart 3 stars on this feature! The concept is t6ere and I know (hope) 3DCart WILL make it better. Until then, tweek, tweek and tweek!
                      Last edited by Barry; 07-26-2011, 12:36 AM.


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                        Barry would you mind sharing your site so i can see how its being implemented?


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                          Originally posted by hanzoswords View Post
                          Barry would you mind sharing your site so i can see how its being implemented?
                          I know this is a crappy answer, and I appologise, but at this time I would rather not. Nothing personal, it's just we are not live yet AND still making many changes/tweeks/product uploads, etc. We are hoping to go live with 3DCart at the end of the month and (I cringe, as all web designers do) will be asking for feedback from this great forum for good and bad reviews.

                          That being said, are you not able to get the feedback feature working at all? Or not working as others in this thread have commented on?


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                            I figured it out. I just didnt know where to look to see this feature i finally noticed it floating on the right side of our home page.


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                              Is there a way to get rid of the 3dfeedback logo and link in the bottom left corner? I don't feel like I have to advertise 3dcart on my site to use this feature.
                              How can we control the formatting of this page. I agree it is not intuitive to use. More customer instructions need to be added to the form to guide them through it.
                              also to make it usable, the feedback needs to be sent in an e-mail the same as reviews or CRM. Having to go and check constantly if there is a feedback would get old really fast.
                              As is, I don't think this feature is usable.
                              Last edited by elightbox; 07-26-2011, 01:45 AM.