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  • Credit Card Number Invalid

    I have had several customers call over the last few days with this issue. We are using one page checkout. They get a message that the card number is invalid when they enter their credit card. They call us and we open the order from the incomplete orders list and complete it with no problem. Is this just a customer error? Are they doing something that causes this or is it a problem with the checkout? I would generally think it was just the customer doing something odd, but this did happen to one of our representatives taking a phone order on Monday. The only way to finish this order was to mark it as Paypal payment and then go into not complete orders and change the order to unpaid and then process it through the virtual terminal. Any ideas????

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    We have recently had several instances of this problem pop up as well. We think it's an issue with people using IE8. We followed up on this problem extensively with one of our customers and when I tried to input her payment into her shopping cart using Firefox, the same data she was unable to use when entering it via IE8 went through and was accepted just fine on Firefox. She said we were not the only site that wouldn't accept her card when she was using IE8. Still, this is a NEW development that hadn't started happening until recently.


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      Oh great :( Internet Explorer is such a pain. We also use firefox most of the time.


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        If you get any more customers calling about the problem, check and see if that's what browser they're using. I'd be interested in some confirmation of our findings. :)


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          Sure. Will let you know.