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Possible bug with add_cart.asp links?

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  • Possible bug with add_cart.asp links?

    Anyone else come across this or did I miss something simple?

    On our category pages through custom scripting we use add_cart.asp?quick=1&item_id=[catalogid] as a URL for links. This was working great but quit recently (suspect related to v4 but no proof). In the past it would add that product to the cart, even from just typing it into a browser address bar. For example, even on the demo store, you could type: and it would add product 18 to the cart. This was utilized for a custom javascript on a category page, and seems to no longer work but rather, redirects to the product page of that ID. Any chance of getting this fixed, or was there some change to the URL we should be using? (this is the same code for the Buy Now button for use on external sites also I believe).

    For us this method is crucial as we use it on every category page but maybe we are the exception. As it stands now, you cannot add products (along with the specific quantity) directly from our category pages. Dermal Fillers | Buy Dermal Fillers from InjectMedical!

    If anyone using this in a similar fashion are you getting different results?

    Otherwise love the flexibility from a design perspective 3dCart has offered thus far! :)
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    Try looking at the "Buy Button" code that's posted on the Advanced tab for each product in your product list and see if the code is different. If the code isn't the same, you might want to test it and see if it works the way you're wanting on your category pages.


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      Tried that originally hoping it was just something we were doing wrong but it's the same code. :( Testing the same thing on the demo store also reveals the same results so it does not appear to be limited to our site. (would like to try on a site which hadn't been upgraded yet as wondering if this is related) New to 3dCart so unless I'm missing anything else?


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        My site HAS been upgraded and that code is working ok for us. Like you, we use it on our category pages.


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          Thanks so it got to be something with my configuration. I just came across the thread and noticed the item on the demo store had a note which was likely optional. Found another product without that and the URL worked. :) I don't have any options for my products but must be something else about it. Will keep looking, I stand corrected on the demo cart. :)


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            Here's the code we're using for our Add To Cart buttons on our category listings:

            <input  type="button" value="[category_buyitlink]" onClick="window.location='add_cart.asp?quick=1&item_id=[catalogid]'" class="btn" onMouseOver="this.className='btn_over'" onMouseOut="this.className='btn'">