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  • Still no update?

    I've been very patient but losing my patience! Everyones talking about the new upgrades except for me! How much longer?
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    I've had it for weeks and haven't implemented one single thing from it. With all of the posts where people have to update their own code, or things aren't working etc. etc. I'm just making sure everything still works without all of the new features. Have already found one bug to my 'old' store because of the updates.

    I'm perfectly happy to wait a VERY long time so I can implement code that actually works. Shame on 3dCART for putting 100's of customers live with code that is full of bugs.

    I wouldn't have lasted long as a programmer if my code was released with so many bugs to my thousands of users. I just shake my head over and over as I read the posts where people are writing their own code or modifying newly released code to get the new version to work. Are they getting $100 an hour to program? Is this why I pay over $1,000 a year so that I can try to figure out HTML code. This is SUPPOSED to be an 'out of the box' solution. Seems to be far from that. How many people inserting their own code are doing it differently? Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

    Sorry you don't have the new release - but be careful what you wish for. At least your store probably functions correctly now. Good luck!
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      sisbrown34, definitely open a ticket, all stores with some custom exceptions have been upgraded to version 4, so if you still don't have it then please report the issue.


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        How do I know if I've been upgraded? Will the admin screen still look the same? Mine hasn't changed.


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          The bottom right of your admin panel should show the version number. Everything else looks the same.


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            When looking for the latest version number on your admin screen, be sure to hold down the shift key and then click to refresh your browser screen. This will force a reload of the graphics (it's a graphic down there at the bottom which shows the version number) so you get the most updated info.


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              You can also see it in the page title it should say " 3DCart V4 Store Manager" even if the bottom banner says 3.2.2
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                Originally posted by jim View Post
                The bottom right of your admin panel should show the version number. Everything else looks the same.
                On mine it is actually on the bottom left side of the admin panel--took me 5 minutes of looking on the right to figure that out! :)

                Thanks so much, everyone! I've been upgraded, but haven't seen any issues (knock on wood)