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  • Shipping Fees (International)

    Can this be done ...?
    Lets say I have a few products that require additional handling (shipping) fees ONLY for international orders (outside the USA). How can I tack on OR change the s/h fees for these few products that will only apply to sales outside the USA? I have been at this for some time with no luck! Am I missing something or is it not possible.

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    I've been at it for a while too, so far no luck... I would love to know if anyone has a solution for this
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      Well, I think I found "the only" way to make this work for us.

      I will have to increase the weight of these special products. This can work for us because we use a calculated (weight based) shipping method for international orders. For domestic (USA) orders, we use "By Value" which is not dependant on weight.