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IE 9 Problems

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  • IE 9 Problems

    We are having issues with IE 9.
    First, we could not mouse hover and see order details. That was fixed with using compatibility view. However, we still cannot print invoices like we could in IE 8.
    Also, update, cannot use the search or filter options in admin.
    Does anyone have a fix for these and similar issues with IE 9?
    Looks like it may be related to java?
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    Here is the error we get when trying to print invoices:

    An error has occuredin the scipt on this page.
    Line: 2053
    Char 1
    Error %1 is not a valid Win32 Application
    Code 0
    URL res://ieframe.dll/preview.js

    Any help appreciated!


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      I'm using IE 9 and had to switch the compatibility mode to hover over orders - that works fine now.

      I have had no problems at all printing invoices. I've printed multiple at one time and individual ones using the ACTION within EDIT.

      Also - I just went to admin and did a View Products. I clicked FILTER and entered a keyword then clicked SEARCH - it worked fine.
      C Ekman
      Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner