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How to show customers quantity remaining in stock?

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  • How to show customers quantity remaining in stock?

    i know its probably something simple im overlooking but how do i do this? and is it possible to do it on only products i choose or does it have to be for the whole store?

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    Hi there hanzoswords

    We have two KB articles for this that you might want to give a try.

    This KB is for regular, stand alone products:

    While the other KB is for products with Advanced Options.

    I hope this helps.


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      so its the whole site or nothing you cant set it to show how many of an item are in stock for some products?


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        Actually you can use listing templates to achieve this.
        For example, lets say your default template is : listing_0.html
        • You can make a copy of this via FTP and rename it to be listing_n.html (n being the next available number)
        • Modify the new listing_n.html to hide the stock availability (i.e. modify the code)
        • For the items you don't want the instock showing, assign this new template Products>>View/Edit : Edit the desired product - Advanced Tab - Listing Template.The default value is Style1 (isting_0.html), change it to Style[n+1]
        • If you have lots of items to assign the new style to, you can do so by via Product Import
        Hope this helps.
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          thank you!