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Product images changing color after upload

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  • Product images changing color after upload

    We have been adding products to our website for the past year now, and for some reason the past few product uploads have had some issues. We have been following the same steps to resize the images and get them prepared for our website, but after uploading them to our website via FTP, the images change color. I am not saying a product that is blue will turn green, but say we have a product that is supposed to be olive green, it will be BRIGHT NEON green after uploaded. All of the colors are being over saturated after uploading them and we have no control over this. i contated 3dcart but they had no solution. I tried editing the images to compensate, but I cannot change 300+ images to a washed out color and hope that 3dcart's glitch changes the product to the correct color...

    anyone have this problem too? it makes absolutely no sense at all.
    messed up.jpg

    I cannot stress this enough, nothing changed on my end. The image on the right is the EXACT picture I uploaded, not editing, nothing. The image on the left is the result of the image upload. I can easily show more examples if needed, as I have hundreds of images like this.
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    Are you using RGB or CMYK? I've seen color changes similar to these when using a color profile different than RGB in a website.


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      I believe I remember this as well with IE. not sure with others.
      Have you tried different browsers to see if there is a difference?


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        its most likely an image format issue

        if you'd like to email it to me I can have a quick peek and see if i can find you the issue. [email protected]


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          I just wanted to say even though this post is a bit old that I had this exact same issue and since our site sells screen printing inks getting the colors accurate is a big deal of course. The solution I found was to save my edited photos as .tif image files rather than .jpg. the colors still aren't dead-on accurate after import, but I am hard pressed to tell the difference. You may have luck with .bmp as well; I save a few in this format but did not try it after finding that .tif would suit my needs.

          The image files are a bit bigge (went up from around 600kb to around just under 1Mb) so you might want to pay attention to your bandwidth usage especially if you have a lot of photos and a lot of visitors, but this solved my problem. Was able to batch convert using Gimp, so even if you have a lot of photos it should not be a big deal. Hope this helps.


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            One thing you could try is upload the images directly via FTP instead of through the web interface. It is possible that uploading via the web "processes" the files in a way that causes these issues.


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              anyone find a fix to this other than tif files?

              anyone find a fix to this other than tif files?


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                I'd recommend trying the FTP suggestion that I posted before.