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    Is anyone else having a problem receiving email notifications from 3D? We supposedly got moved to new server 8 /12 and none since then.

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    What kind? I'm getting all of mine.
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      Not getting any kind from 3d- sales, CRM, etc.


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        We are getting our emails through the 3dcart system (SmartMail) with no problems. In fact it seems that lately they are actually going through faster than normal!


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          My site was moved earlier in the month as well due to some server issues.

          Since then the site has been generating duplicate automated order follow up emails within about 30 seconds of each other. I assume that there is some autoemail service that was never stopped on the old server or however the emails are routed.

          Support is working on this again as they keep closing the ticket assuming they fixed it.

          The one thing I am really concerned about is that I can't imagine my customers are too happy being pinged with reminders twice.


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            Email notification problem NOT 3D-ATT/Yahoo

            Just wanted to clarify. We are still not receiving any notifications from 3D admin, but have been told that it is ATT/Yahoo that is not accepting some coding from some particular servers. Added a gmail account to Store Settings and am getting them through there. This does not surprise me. We in the SE were the last in the country to see the ATT/Yahoo MESS and it took me 4 months to get all my email accounts back in working order.