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Do support tickets frustrate you?

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  • Do support tickets frustrate you?

    Lately, I feel like every support ticket I submit becomes a time consuming back and forth to even get a coherent answer. Does anyone else feel this way? I ask a detailed question, get an answer that doesn't cover my question, and then re-ask my question hoping they'll understand that I'm asking something more advanced than what I could easily look up in the Knowledge Base. It makes me feel like a: they aren't taking the time to read my question and answer appropriately, or b: they don't have enough knowledge to do more than spit back the KB answer.

    I know there are a lot of mom and pop type businesses on 3dcart, and that leads to a lot of do-it-yourself basic questions being submitted, but we run a multi-million dollar business and on occasion we need answers to slightly more technical questions. Maybe 3dcart should have two levels of support so that they take care of both types of customers, the big and the small, adequately. It's not that the number of tickets submitted is out of proportion, but that the questions are more technical in nature and are being asked by people who know the Admin panel inside and out, as well as some coding etc.

    On a side note, not all is bad. We love 3dcart and most all of it's functionality. It has allowed us to grow our business in a new industry from nothing a few years ago to what it is today, and we hope we don't outgrow it anytime soon because of the value it provides to small businesses looking to get serious about online selling. The version upgrades provide real and substantial improvements to the system and the customization options are almost endless. There's always room for improvement in any product and I hope 3dcart continues to listen.
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    they do have multiple levels of support, but from my experience getting anything escalated to a "technical Support" ticket is like pulling teeth.


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      Sorry, should've been more clear. I meant two levels of default support where the initial ticket is handled differently for different levels of customers.


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        a dedicated account rep as a go to person for escalation issues would be ideal. the account rep would only be available for higher semi- or dedicated plans.


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          All of the corporate plans already do have a dedicated account rep, or at least they do according to the 3dCart website.
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            In my experience I haven't had very many problems with support both on the phone or through the support system. You occasionally get a person that's not very well versed on what you asking but overall it's pretty good.

            And on the bonus side you can understand them when you talk to them.
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              Originally posted by brassandsilver View Post
              All of the corporate plans already do have a dedicated account rep, or at least they do according to the 3dCart website.
              Hah! No kidding? I wonder who my rep is.... I've got the semi-dedicated plan.

              Hey account rep! Please introduce yourself! :D


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                That's what it says here:
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                  There are many avenues of support. I believe 3dcart knows this, I question whether some of the varies support methods are effective or not. I do know that the most visual support method is this forum but for some reason 3dcart does not wish to provide support here. Unfortunately most moderator support spend more time defending the cart rather then providing true support. (goose eggs hit the bottom of the page all the time) :confused:

                  I too wish there was such a thing as account manager (and yes I too have a semi-dedicated account that is suppose to have a account manager)

                  I too have submitted many support tickets and have provided very detailed issues. The replies do leave me wondering who's issue is being answered, Then when I think we may be on the same page, I get asked if I tried to do such and such and yes very frustrating since such and such was explained in great detail in my initial contact. (and yes leaves one wanting to say could you please read the ticket again but dare not as we do want support so we deal it) After going back and forth virtually going nowhere I feel like I am dealing with an insurance company trying to exhaust me so they don't have to pay on a claim.

                  A account manager as promised would be wonderful. I agree that there are probably many clients that do not try to figure the most simple things out and support probably gets hounded with this all day. And unfortunately we get viewed as idiots in general.

                  3dcart is very proud, but should never be so proud to not provide support on all available avenues.

                  Yes 3dcart is great as a cart not support. If 3dcart wants to be known as a great cart with great support therefore going to have to earn it. And I will be the first to express gratitude when that takes place.

                  The design team and true support need to play very different rules in a very genuine way. Currently as it stands there is a great conflict of interest and we all are paying the price of greed. (those of us that have the ability and want to do our own coding should not be ignored)

                  Now that 3dcart has grown, the need to define itself and continue to be great into the next level by providing better support is much much needed.

                  We are all growing our babies and evaluating market demand.
                  Lets all learn and grow together.

                  Wishing success to all, I am glad to help!
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                    I am semi-dedicated as well.

                    I have not (or don't ever recall) being given the name, phone and email of my personal support manager or a premium phone support phone number. Since everyone waits in a phone support queue there would be no way for anyone to know who you are to route you to a priority line until you actually speak to someone.

                    I do have to say that I have tried support tickets, chat and phone. Both chat and phone are faster than tickets.

                    My previous cart was Miva which was an open module system. Since there were dozens of active developers they would frequent the forums and help users with issues. I don't recall anyone ever giving a hard sell on a module they owned but of course many frequent the forums to get familiar to everyone and get business from it.

                    The forums here seem to be picking up in frequency of posts and there are a bunch of good experienced users here helping and offering advice. I find it a little weird that there isn't as much interaction from support as I believe they could head off a lot of issues before they escalate into support tickets or calls. Having them post solutions here would help build the reference information here to real world problems as well as help more than those who initially post the problem. Many more find solutions here very convenient.

                    So, Gonzalo and Henry, please have your senior support staff frequent the forums - you will have a stronger and more involved community and I would bet a lower support call volume.


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                      Hello all,

                      Regarding a support presence on our Forum:

                      As per our forum Posting Rules, the original objective of the 3dcart forum is and has always been to offer a venue for merchants to share ideas, knowledge and advice with each other.

                      While we try to maintain a presence on the forum in order to help foster this as a positive learning environment for our merchants; our main priorities are dedicated to the development of the software and the handling of customer support issues via the already established support channels. As such, we cannot provide a technical support presence on the forums to address technical issues, since the support department’s efforts are actively concentrated at 3dCart Support Center.

                      With that being said, if there is ever a time when you feel a support ticket was not handled correctly or to your full satisfaction, please let us know by emailing [email protected] directly. Gonzalo, our CEO, is very proactive when it comes to customer satisfaction, and will make sure your concerns are addressed directly.

                      In regards to the original posting on this thread, we’ve researched the recent tickets the merchant submitted and we’ve done our best to provide better resolutions to their issues. We’ve also taken the opportunity to help train the support agents involved to help avoid this happening again. Therefore we will be closing this particular thread as per our established Posting Rules.

                      Regarding the “Personal Account Manager” for Enterprise accounts:

                      Yes, our premium and dedicated account holders also have access to their own personal account manager who will provide support and help on an “as needed” basis. While the general technical support staff can usually address the more common, everyday issues; the purpose of the personal account manager is to research, troubleshoot and provide support for more advanced issues like specific partner integrations, unique configurations, and things of that nature. Many of our premium/dedicated accounts have special integrations that the regular support staff may not be aware of, so this is where a personal account manager would typically come into play since they would be more familiar with specifics about their respective merchant’s site.

                      If you currently have a premium or dedicated account with us, and you feel you’d like to take advantage of the Personal Account Manager offering, you may request one be assigned to you. You can either request it via the regular support portal or through the aforementioned [email protected] address.