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Cannot use QTY option with minimum quantity?

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  • Cannot use QTY option with minimum quantity?

    Here's our scenario: we sell custom-decorated apparel (e.g., t-shirts with your logo on them). It's only cost-effective to print at least 12 shirts -- but it doesn't matter whether they are 12 of one size, 6 each of two sizes, 3 each of four sizes, etc.

    Seems simple enough, right? The problem is that we cannot find any way to get the cart to handle this. If we set the size option to QTY functionality, the minimum quantity overrides whatever #'s the customer types into each size field (even if the total exceeds the min qty for the product). If they enter 3/3/3/3, the store will actually add 12/12/12/12 to their cart (without any error message alerting them to this change). Furthermore, if they do actually want to order 12/12/12/12, it will not give them the benefit of volume pricing that should be available to them. For anyone who wants to test, here is a site in progress with this set-up: TEST

    So do I have to lose the minimum qty restriction (and reject/refund a lot of folks who can't read and order a single item)? Or create a free form text box where people would have to type their size allocation (doesn't really work anyway as a 3XL costs more than a M)? I am hoping someone out there has found a way to fix this conflict -- support told me it was just a deficiency in the cart.

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    You should be able to control this in the product advanced tab.

    Products>>View/Edit : Edit the product you want : Advanced Tab>> Price and Quantity Options
    • Group Options for Qty. Pricing
    • Apply Qty. Pricing discount to options
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      Still need help

      Unfortunately that only helps keep the pricing in line in some situations (in others it gets really screwy).

      The bigger issue that I am seeking help with is that it is not summing the quantities across each size (or any option, for that matter) to compare whether the total exceeds the minimum quantity or not. Again, adding 6 small and 6 medium to the cart (using QTY option) should NOT in any circumstances lead to 12 of each size being placed in the cart.