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  • Conditional Options

    Has anyone been able to set up daisy-chain product options where the choice of one drives whether a subsequent option is shown/hidden? For example, can something like this be configured:
    Option 1: What is your favorite food? * Ice Cream * Pizza
    Option 2: What is your favorite flavor? * Vanilla * Chocolate (only visible if Ice Cream selected above)
    Option 3: What is your favorite topping? * Mushrooms * Peppers (only visible if Pizza selected above)

    We are trying to offer a level of customization that needs lots of additional detail to be collected but does not apply to 90% of the shoppers (and therefore most of the options should be hidden). I was thinking of a workaround where I would just put some of the options in a div that can be hidden or shown based on the toggle of another option, but my javascript and html skills are not strong enough.

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    There is a workaround available:

    see GonzaloGil's answer....
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      Thanks for the lead. I see where they are headed, but this seems like a highly suboptimal approach... and doesn't really provide for full flexibility like one would like.

      I would hope that 3dcart can work on this for a future release, as it's a pretty standard component of most carts.


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        It is under review according to User Voice. Look for "Daisy Chain".