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  • Another Qty Discount Question

    I want to set up quantity discounts like the following:

    1 - 5 is $3
    6 - 10 is $2.50
    11 or more is $2.00

    Is there a way to get the final discount to say or more, or do I have to make it a number?

    IE. 11 - 1000 is $2.00. I really don't want this b/c if they purchase 1001 then it charges the full price. But I also don't want to put some outrageous number in there either since it appears on the product page.

    Can this be done?

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    It can be done (sort of). What you need to do is make your final pricing tier a really large number like 11 - 9999. You can then edit your templates to show something like

    1+ $3
    6+ $2.50
    11+ 2.00

    If you are not sure how to edit your templates you might want to contact 3dcart support for help (they might even have a better solution).


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      Thanks for your work around idea. That isn't really what I want either.

      I talked to tech support, and basically your work around is all there is. I would love to see this changed. I think having 12-9999 is quite ugly.

      Thanks. :)