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    Just curious how daily deals should operate. We have deals in place and they seem to cycle, however, two deals appear active at the same time. For example, one is to start on 10/01 at midnight, and it does, however, the deal previous, show it is still active. Is this normal?
    They are setup for 24 periods.

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    Well, we had to turn off the Daily Deals. They hang up and wont display. They wont loop. Bummer. :(
    Maybe they'll get it working in the next release.


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      To Loop, I think you need to have the start from 0 (zero). At least 1 deal should have this, the rest can be any integer greater than zero.
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        You cant set different start times for deals. It just isn't working for us. We do start at 00:00:00 set to 24 hours. Two deals end up running at the same time each day, so, garbage displays. For some reason the previous deal keeps running. I also think the issue is "starting now" as oppossed to letting it start when scheduled. I am going to try again with the deals looping at mid-day and see if that prevents two deals from running at the same time. So far, it's too much of a maintenance headache.
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          Maybe it has to do with 3dcart's time server!
          Look at the time they are displaying in this forum!
          It's off by a half hour or so!


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            yeah I noticed.... for me it is ahead by 10 minutes
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