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Drop ship inventory with StoneEdge

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  • Drop ship inventory with StoneEdge

    In our Yahoo store SE sends over a -2 for drop ship items. In the live store, Yahoo knows it is a drop ship and shows 5 as available.

    This works great for us. If the manufacturer runs out, we just mike the item unavailable to order.

    It is my understanding that I am going to have to manually update 3d cart inventory for drop ship items as SE and 3d do not "coordinate" drop ship items. With 3d, all my drop ships are not available 0.

    Manually keeping up with drop ship inventory is not feasible for us. Plus, if I manually update the drop ship quantity, SE will come along behind me and reset the quantity to 0 anyway.

    I have read all the drop ship posts and see no solution for how to efficiently manage drop ship inventory.

    This is a deal breaker for us. Can anyone suggest a solution??

    I would even prefer to make all drop ship items - always available unless manually made unavailable, but do not see that this can be done.

    SE Real time inventory and 3D work great for items we physically inentory. Its just the drop ship items that are a problem.

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    We set the inventory on 3dcart at 999, and we check both the Drop Ship, and the Ignore QOH boxes on the inventory screen in Stone Edge. Works for us just fine.
    Hope this helps


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      OK, I was making this way harder than it needed to be.

      It appears that if drop ship is checked in SE, then SE is not sending over QOH to 3d cart.

      So, my issue with the feed overwriting what I put in the 3d cart inventory was infounded.

      Thanks for the info.


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        You may also want to check IgnoreQOHonWeb on the Web tab in SEOM. That way you can exclude drop-ship items from synching inventory (only an issue if you stock some products and drop-ship others)
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          How do you handle StoneEdge kits? I cannot put a high number in 3d stock for kits, or will will end up backordered. Kits do not appear to be going over either.

          Kit example: fork, knife, spoon set.

          Yahoo has a great way of handling this, it autopopulates the kit with the item with the least inventory.

          fork - 35
          knife - 50
          spoon - 15
          Set - 15

          any suggestions would be appreciated.



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            Unfortunately, there is no good way, and it is not a high priority for StoneEdge or 3dcart, so we just have to muddle through!
            We set a very high inventory number, and we de-activate manually if a component is out of stock. Fortunately we do not have many kits.