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    Hello everyone,

    I am using QB Pro 2005 for my accounting software. Everything (almost) we sell is drop shipped. Until now, I have just looked at weekly, monthly, whatever, totals for profitability. However, I now need to track profit per order (or maybe even per product sold if possible). We are looking at bringing in another person to run a section of the website and pay them commission, so I have to be able to easily track his profits. My problem is that my actual shipping costs do not match the websites estimated cost because the items are drop shipped and the distributor has its own shipping deals with UPS. The product costs themselves are easily tracked. Since the shipping varies, it is difficult to make QB, or my shopping cart software calculate the profit/order. My current order processing procedure is as follows:

    1. Order is recieved online

    2. I input the data manually into QB (cust. name, address, products, shipping paid, etc) as a SALES RECIEPT

    3. The customer's card is automatically charged and my merchant account credited, so I deposit the funds into my merchant account (setup as a bank account)

    4. I order the product(s) from my drop shipper online and pay with a CC

    5. I use my invoice from my supplier to record a CC charge into QB. This recorded charge is in no way linked to the customer sales reciept

    6. Each month I reconcile my merchant account and lump all of the processing fees into a bank service fee.

    What will the most efficient way for me to achieve the same end result, but track profit by order? I need to link products and shipping sold to the customer to products and shipping purchased by me and take into account the merchant fees. I think sales orders may be an option, but i'd like to get some opinions before switching everything over. Any quickbooks users out there. What about 3dcart, does it have a built in feature to help with this?

    Thanks! - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors