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Ideas on better promotion tracking?

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  • Ideas on better promotion tracking?


    We run product discount promotions on a regular basis and seem to have a huge problem. 3d stores our discount as one amount rather than applying it to the products that were sold. Has anyone discovered a good way to generate reports that show what a product has actually sold for within a promotion's time frame? 3rd party or otherwise?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. :confused:

    -Justin Williams

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    Better Promotion Tracking


    A promo code seems like the most logical answer in this case to track the products sold in relation to the promotion.

    However, just tracking sold products may not be the only thing to track here. You may also want to track the interested parties as well. Just because the promo may not have generated a sale doesn't mean that it was not affective. The promo is to also there to gain recognition for your brand or product. If someone stops to check out a product, the next time the see it, they may be inclined to purchase the 2nd time around.