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    We have a brick and mortar store in addition to our online store. Is there any way to configure an "In Store Pickup" shipping option? I've tried to use the By Zip custom shipping method, but can't seem to get it to ever show up as an option at checkout.


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    You could just limit it to your state and then require the customer to select it based on the fact that they are willing to pick up the order. I know this is not ideal since you would undoubtedly have some select it and then contact you to change it to a standard shipping method.

    You may also be able to add a required checkout question that they have to select a checkbox for stating they want to do a physical pickup.

    Not sure about the zip code thing, since I haven't used it.


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      Here's how to configure In Store Pickup

      There are instructions in the Support Center » Downloads » Training & Tutorials » Shipping Guide which show how to setup In Store Pickup for all customers in a given Country and State. Exactly what I was looking for :)


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        Setting up shipping methods

        I had a hard time finding info on setting up shipping ranges by value and had to contact support to figure out how to do a custom shipping method. They sent me this link, so I thought I would post it for anyone else who may also have this problem in the future.