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Is there a way to do this???

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  • Is there a way to do this???

    I asked this once before on the phone to support, but I am not sure I explained it well so I will try again here. I was able to bring the main category name into my category_0.html page (dynamically)... is there a way to bring in the main category description & main category image/thumbnail onto that same page, but bring it in dynamically? I tried by adding [catagorydescription] to the html for the description, but it did not seem to work. Not sure if I did it correct or left something out. Can this be done & if so, how??? Thanks!
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    To make sure that I understand correctly - you're trying to get the subcategory images and descriptions to show for each main category page, right?

    If so, then take a look at my code and see if you can use something similar or grab various elements. This is what I use for the subcategories of my category pages. Note the items in brackets and also the items starting and ending in between "<!--" blocks. There are some css styles in here as well, that you'll need to remove or replace. I'm not sure of the tag that would be needed for the description. It's probably in one the generic templates. I think I removed it.

    <!--START: SUB_CATEGORIES--> <table width="95%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4" border="0">
    <td class="titles" colspan="5">&nbsp;[category_Header-subcategories]</td>
    <table border="0" cellspacing="4" cellpadding="0">
    <tr bordercolor="#CCCCCC" class="cat_imgborder">
    <td width="160" height="160" align="center" class="font2"> <!--START: SUB_CATEGORY_IMAGE--> <a href="view_category.asp?cat=[CATID]"><IMG SRC="[SUB_CATEGORY_IMAGE]" ALT="[SUB_CATEGORY_NAME]" BORDER="0" class="cat_imgborder"></a>
    <!--END: SUB_CATEGORY_IMAGE--> </td>
    </tr><br />
    <td class="font2" align="center"><a href="view_category.asp?cat=[CATID]" class="font1">[SUB_CATEGORY_NAME]</a></td>
    <!--END: SUB_CATEGORIES_FORMAT--></tr></table>

    Hope this helps!


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      Thanks for your response but that is not what....

      Hi, Thanks for your feedback but that is not exactly what I am asking. I want to dynamically bring in the main category description & icon, not the sub category. Is there a way to do that?

      Here is an example of what I want to do... go to one of my competitor's site...

      This is a main category landing page and there is on photo for the main category and a description of the main category. In 3dcart, I have been able to hard code in a main category description and photo, but I can't get the page to pull the information from the database dynamically. I know it can be done for the sub categories, but I want to do it for the main categories.