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  • Free Shipping Configuration

    I'm in the process of setting up Free Shipping for some of my products and it's not working as I would like it to and support is of no assistance on this.

    What I want to have happen is that on some items I want to have them ship free using a method of my choice. Any other shipping options will be at the standard rates the cart pulls from the shipper.

    This seems to be pretty standard funcionality on most other carts but I can't get it to work here at 3d.

    Currently: I have a product and I select to have "Free Shipping" enabled. The icon shows up on the product just fine, free shipping is listed in the shipping options, and ALL other shipping methods are at $0.00 value. Now, being an impatient shopper I'm going to select UPS Red because it's free right?

    Desired: I want Free shipping to be listed at "$0.00" and USPS Express, UPS 3-Day,2-day, Next Day listed at the normal rates based on what the cart would pull. This should be on any item I select "Free Shipping" on and is not based on weight or dollar amount.

    Anyone have this working? :confused:

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    Check your "Preview all shipping methods" flag under Settings>Shipping>Shipping Settings
    This flag should be set to true (checked)
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      That is checked and other shipping methods do show. The problem is that they all display $0.00 .

      That's why I forsee someone selecting UPS Red at $0.00 cost instead of UPS Ground at $0.00 .


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        ohhh... sorry it should be "Exclude free shipping items from real time calculation" un-checked
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          THAT EASY?

          Ticket has been open for 48hrs with no resolution and the collective brain solves it in the blink of an eye.

          Thanks for the help EW, that did the trick!


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            When I encountered this issue support was no help either, that was at least four months ago, perhaps this is a newer feature and not all support agents are aware of this (??)....

            I figured it out myself for one of my sites, but when I needed to implement it for the second site, I couldn't remember the solution. But there was one support agent thru LiveChat that knew exactly what to do when I inquired about it (to restore my own memory)
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