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  • New Site (custom tableless)

    is there an option to limit accessories shown on the product page to 1?

    oops accidently posted below to the wrong forum!

    Hey, I'm in the final stages of setting up my new store with 3dcart. There is still a little bit of work to do but I figured I would share my site to the 3dforums.

    Welcome to MAToday - Quality Martial Arts

    There are some obvious pieces that need some attention (mainly filling white space), and the store checkout is closed for now - our payment gateway was not working so I closed it temporarily.

    Any comments or suggestions will be welcomed,

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    Store: MAToday, LLC

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    Looking Good!

    I've been working on converting my site too. A couple of observations:
    • You need to expand on your home page title, possibly nix the "Welcome to" text.
    • The gray text under your name and in the footer needs to be lighter, possibly #e8e8e8.
    • The New Releases red text is hard to read. A lighter color is needed.
    • The gray box around the price makes the price hard to read. Try a different color combination, possible red or the blue in your search box.
    • Phone number format needs no "1" --> (###) ###-####
    • You might consider taking the text size up a notch. It's awfully small.
    • You seem to be missing an About Us page.
    • You should have your Privacy Policy open in a new window.

    That's my take on a quick look at your progress. Happy sales!