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Account Customers : How Best to Handle Them

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  • Account Customers : How Best to Handle Them

    Scenario : We sell retail and wholesale, have customers on various price lists but also on account terms i.e. we ship the goods and they pay in thirty days.

    Question : How best to handle this on 3D Cart?

    It may seem a strange question but as the orders come in as either "New" or "Unpaid" your common sense would put the order in unpaid, errrm no it is a new order but errrm it is also unpaid. See what I mean? There's no status of "New and On Account" where you would set the flags as OK to ship but still note that this is an unpaid order, so yes you could use your accounts software but that is an assumption every 3D Cart user will have accounting software. See the thing is if you put it in "New" then you could all too easily forget to chase payment a month later if the order is in "Shipped".

    So am I being stoopid or is this something that has been overlooked? As such what is the best way to workaround the issue if indeed it is one?

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    Bouncing (Sorry)

    It's been a week so bouncing this up. Anyone?


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      Sometimes it is not good to re-invent the wheel.
      There are many programs out there that handle A/R, Back Orders and many other specialized features that a shopping cart like 3dcart cannot handle.
      We pull all of our orders into SEOM, and it saves us so much time in handling back orders and placing orders from vendors. We do not do wholesale, but from reading their forum, it can be.
      See Stone Edge Technologies . It is one of the most cost effective solutions out there, very customizable, but with a semi-steep learning curve.
      One last note: To save yourself a bunch of headaches, always stay a version behind, the production V6.xx is really a beta. Stay on 5.9xx until the new version is completely flushed out of errors.
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        Agree with both recommendations, StoneEdge AND staying away from ver 6 until they've had it more thoroughly tested.