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    Why isn't there a way for me to configure the 3dFeedback feature to send administrative alerts when someone leaves feedback? I can't have our customer service people clicking around endlessly in this clunky interface, trying to find where to read the feedback (which is exactly what would happen considering what you actually have to do in order to read it).

    I mean, c'mon! I'm supposed to click
    -Settings|General|Store Modules-
    ...and then
    -Change Settings (Under 3dFeedback)-
    ...and then
    -View Feedback-
    ...just so that I can see the feedback that's been left?

    And then I have to click the "Yeah, I saw it" button? Um...I clicked the "View" button, so why do I have to click another one that says I looked at it?

    Whatever. Point is, we don't need our customer service people to "change settings" just so they can view feedback. "It's not for customers to send messages to customer service", you say? Well, unfortunately, they're going to do that anyway. Besides, I don't want to have to point and click my way around administrating this web site either.

    The solution to this is to let me enter an email address to which all feedback gets automatically sent, and then problem solved. Can you folks please do this? I can't even imagine how you're going to build a feedback feature at all if it doesn't do this. What?

    There's no API or FTP access to the feedback, and it doesn't send administrative alerts. The lack of any of these things makes it as useless as your blog feature because...

    The 3dCart blog appears to be set up the same way. No database or FTP access. Where, exactly, is the blog content stored, and why don't we have direct access to it? There's no way I'm using your web interface to create the hundreds of blog posts we need to move from our old host. I'd rather sign up with a free 3rd party blog hosting service than do that.

    Any good blog host should have an API through which I can upload our copy so that I don't have to use their web interface if I don't want to. Even the free ones like provide this service. It's just common sense in this day and age.

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    Re Blog Database

    Well, guess what, folks. I figured out how to access the blog data table through the API. It's called ... wait for it ...


    God, I don't know why I didn't try that before. I hope 3dCart releases an update to their API documentation soon. As interesting as this guessing game is, it would be great if the database schema was listed somewhere so I wouldn't have to figure it all out on my own.


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      re re blog database

      There also appears to be a table called "blog_comments". This was just another guess which turned out to produce a result other than:

      "The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the input table or query 'guessed_table_name'. Make sure it exists and that its name is spelled correctly."