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Custom Template - Can it be modified??

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  • Custom Template - Can it be modified??

    I had a web design company create a custom template for my 3dcart site I like the overall look of the template but there are a couple of things I'd like to modify, however I can't seem to figure out how. Does having a custom template eliminate the ability to change the footer and additional categories. For example, I'd like to have the "Resources" link in the footer and replace it with Policies link in the top navigation bar. There's just not room for both. I also wanted to eventually have a Wholesale login and be able to expand my categories in the left navigation bar.

    Oh and I don't know html, so am I doomed with what you see if what you get with the template??

    Thank you,
    Brenda Hunter, Owner
    CT River Candles

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    You can do whatever you want with your template. If you don't know html, it might be better getting help with it. ALWAYS make a copy BEFORE you change anything! Copy & paste into Notepad and save it to your computer as "original".
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      Custom Template

      Thank you for the suggestion....I agree without knowing html, I'm not comfortable doing anything that would change the format of the template. I'm going to try and add pages within the structure...