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  • 3dFeedback...FEEDBACK

    Turned on 3dFeedback today prior to launch this weekend.

    Tried it out and wanted to see if there is something I'm missing.

    1. When someone submits feedback, I am not getting an e-mail notification that someone has submitted feedback. Am I just supposed to be constantly checking the admin to see if someone has submitted feedback?

    2. The feature of having multiple feedback "buckets" seems to be pretty pointless. If someone makes a comment on say Product Selection and just says "great", I can't see what they were commenting on. It just comes back as "great". Even more pointless is if someone fills out a comment in each bucket, then everything gets deleted, except the last one that is filled out. Thus, I'm deleting every Feedback Category/subcategory and just leaving in one that says "Comments".

    3. in order to see if someone submitted their e-mail address, it says that i need to "upgrade my plan". i guess having a pro plan is not good enough. where can i see what other features there are that i'm missing and what plan i have to be on to see them? as usual, 3dcart documentation is as good as non-existent.

    am i not configuring something correctly?