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Remove Checkout Question - LOSE ALL DATA

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  • Remove Checkout Question - LOSE ALL DATA

    So we decided to go ahead and temporarily turn off the checkout question we've had on our site for 3 years (it was a sample request that customers could choose during checkout). The only way to do this as far as we could tell (see prior post) was to delete the question.

    Well, there's nothing to tell you that deleting the question deletes all the data that was collected on the new orders in your system and it also deletes all the data on all past orders. ALL PAST ORDERS.

    We tried exporting the answers and got an error - "No data to export".

    This may not be a problem if you're just asking a question like "tell us about your checkout experience". But our customers were selecting free samples to receive with their order and believe me, they remember what they chose. If it's not in the box when it arrives, we hear about it. Now we have no way of knowing what the customers picked during checkout because the data is gone.

    The fact that there doesn't seem to be a way to check a checkbox to show/not show the checkout questions on the checkout form seems a bit crazy to me. And if it's there - it would be nice if a search of the KB would turn up info about it because it doesn't.

    We submitted a ticket for emergency help. Hopefully 3dcart has a way to restore this data (or maybe it's only deleted from our view of the system and not theirs). We'll see. At the moment, this stinks.

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    Second that

    Unfortunately we learned this the hard way as well -- it makes it impossible to have seasonal questions or run anything specific.

    Luckily we dump a batch PDF of all invoices pretty regularly and could access the data that way.

    On a related point, I wish we could choose whether we wanted the questions & answers to appear on the packing slip in addition to the invoice copy. We use it in a way that would be helpful to communicate that info to our pickers.