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How to make changes to Contact Us info?

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  • How to make changes to Contact Us info?


    I'll like to make some changed to the info on my Contact us page.
    I know that the info is automatically populated from the merchant info. However, I would like to our email and business hours. I went to setting->design->site content and edited the content area for the Contact Us page, however, it doesn't replace the original info.

    I've also thought of deleting the original Contact Us page and creating a new extra regular page, but then I would know how to re-add the contact form.

    Hoping someone can help me, either change the info on my current page, or show me how to add a contact form to a new one.

    Thanks again!

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    You can add the info directly to the contact_us.html page:

    If you are not comfortable with html modification I can do it for you. Just send me a pm with the info you want to add and I will get you the code that you need and directions on where to put it.