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  • Ques. about page width

    I feel as if this is going to be the stupidest question ever asked. But "the only stupid question is an unasked question", right? :)

    Why does the page width of my website look different on different computers? Is it just the computers themselves, or is there something I can do on my end that can lead to a more uniform showing across all machines.

    Things look fine on the laptop I use to make all changes, but when I get on my desktop, the site is a lot wider. Could that be attributed to the wider screen (22in. monitor vs 15in. laptop)?

    Thank you.
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    Site Display

    There are numerous reasons pages / sites look different on various computers:
    • Coding - is it set to a set width or percentages or both?
    • Screen Resolution - width of viewing computer screen. You can check a site's resolution views on sites like
    • Personal Settings - how the user has their computer display set up

    You can control it more precisely using containers and wrappers - consult the W3C school tutorials.

    Those are the main 3 I can think of. There are differences in display in other areas too. IE interprets code differently than most browsers, so being precise is important. Use px or pt for font settings instead of small, medium or large. Use hexidecimal color codes (EX: #000;) instead of red, blue, green, etc. Keywords for search: web safe colors