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Strange Step 4 Checkout Error Message?

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  • Strange Step 4 Checkout Error Message?

    Hi all,

    One I've never seen before:

    0 Error: 3| 1| 11| A duplicate transaction has been submitted.| | P| 0| 12972| Order: 12972| 49.92| CC| auth_capture| 303| FIRST NAME*| LAST NAME*| | STREET ADDRESS*| CITY*| STATE*| ZIP*| US| PHONE #*| | EMAIL*| FIRST NAME*| LAST NAME*| | STREET ADDRESS| L

    *Note: I have changed all fields marked with * to protect the customer's information, but the real error message had this information as entered by the customer.

    This was in the Incomplete Orders section, Step 4, but it seems to have been captured as a payment, though no order was ever recorded/emailed to me to let me know that it had been placed. I only noticed when Order 12971 and 12973 came in and I just happened to pick up that 12972 never did...

    Ideas? This isn't the first time something like this has happened, though it is a first for this particular "a duplicate transaction has been recorded" message.

    I've asked tech support before why there have been orders at the last checkout (Step 4 / Thank You) that didn't end up recording as an order. The payment shows in my bank, but the order was never placed / emailed to me notifying that it was submitted???? They said I should check the Incomplete Orders from time to time for Step 4's that may not have registered, but to me that is not ideal for an ecommerce site that I hope to grow from 20 orders a day to hundreds of orders a day!

    Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!