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Do you receive orders without an e-mail address?

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  • Do you receive orders without an e-mail address?

    This has happened to us several times now where the order comes without an e-mail address even though it is required.
    I have noticed that these orders also would not have answers to the checkout questions, even though they are present, and if they are from a taxable state, they will not be charged sales tax!

    Our checkout templates are modefied, however I don't think this is related to the modifications since hundreds of orders come through correctly. There is some glitch that allows this to happen.

    Your thoughts??

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    What is the payment method used for these orders that goes thru without the required information?
    We have seen this with GoogleCheckout, Amazon and PayPal Express etc., as these methods do not take the buyer thru the Checkout page to complete the transaction.
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      Hi Elegant,
      They used Credit Card payment, so it is the regular checkout process. When I try it, I can't get past step 1 without entering an e-mail! (we use multi-page)


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        I have had a handful over the years. It is usually a credit card payment and I have no idea how the customer is able to do it because it should not be possible.


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          Do at test if you are using multi-page checkout. I don't have multipage enabled; therefore, cannot do this test:
          See if you go thru the pages and comeback to the page that has the field in question and clear it/them. see if afterwards you can still go to the last checkout page.
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            I tried everything and I have not been able to duplicate it. The problem is that it happens once every 300 orders or so, so trying to duplicate the issue is just about impossible.
            I know it happens, and I am glad some one else has also seen it.