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Check out questions not appearing sometimes?

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  • Check out questions not appearing sometimes?

    Sometimes when customers use paypal express, the order emails show the checkout questions and answers. Other times they do not.

    I am assuming that this happens when customers choose the paypal express button on the cart page which is the step before the questions actually appear.
    (this is where the 3DC designers inserted the API link)

    Customers who choose paypal express on checkout page 1 also has the checkout questions and I assume this is when i actually get the questions answered.

    I am not really that worried about it except that one of my checkout questions is asking for comments. Obviously the one path doesn't give them that option.

    Anyone else see this?

    Anyone move the checkout questions to the cart page and successfully get them to show up on orders?

    Thanks in advance

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    See this thread, others are having similar issues:

    If you are using OnePage checkout, you do NOT need to put the ExpressCheckout Buttons on the cart page, you can actually have them on the Checkout Page. (see Paypal terms and conditions if you want to make sure).
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      Our Google checkout orders never get the /questions/answers. They also get the wrong shipping methods and automatic coupons don't get applied.

      It seems like PayPal orders work fine for us, but we use PP Pro for cards and it is sometimes hard to tell the difference. :)