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    Has anyone had any luck configuring their 3dCart site to sell memberships and/or subscriptions?

    I have a large digital stamp site that sells individual digital images. I would like to create a membership product that would allow shoppers to buy an all-access pass to download digital images on a month to month or annual subscription basis.

    I've had no problems figuring out how to set up the membership products, set up customer groups, but I can't find any work around for monthly and annual automatic membership renewals (charge credit card on file) and automated customer management (if customer does not renew or cancels their membership, their access to the member's only portal of the website will be disabled).

    Has anyone had any success with this type of workaround? Would appreciate any feedback!

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    3dcart has a Recurring Sales add-on in the App Store for $$$$$. It will not do the 2nd part of your request though.
    You can create an external database of members and their expiration dates then manually add/remove from groups.


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      Not sure if this will help or not, but this was in todays PrcticalEcommerce newsletter. The article was about Subscription-Billing Solutions.

      9 SaaS Subscription-Billing Solutions | Practical eCommerce