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I am looking for someone to help me add products to my store...

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  • I am looking for someone to help me add products to my store...

    I am looking for someone with ecommerce expierence to help me to add more products to my website. Many of my competitors have thousands more products then I do and I am not sure how they add them all. Just adding one product for me is a daunting task between the SEO optimized descriptions and meta tags, keywords, photos, sizing charts, options, prices, weights, maufactures id's, etc... I am very busy and don't have great focus and it can take me an entire 8-10 hours to add just 10 products to my site. So, I am looking for some help. A person, a machine, a piece of software, whatever it is. I have tried screen scraping with freelancers but what ends up happening is many of the details are incorrect or missing, etc... I need to find someone expierenced in this that is going to think and care and not just simply scrap data. Any advice? Any ideas? Anyone??? Thanks!

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    We use the 3DCart built in software for Import/Export products.
    Using Spreadsheets you can manipulate each field with formula that will configure your data.
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      Good morning,

      Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I will be happy to assist you with your product import. 3dCart has some great import tools, but how seamless the import process is really depends on how good your data is from the manufacturer, drop-shipper, etc.

      -Michael Steed


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        I can help you create a list of all the products that your competitors have that you are looking to add to your site, please contact me at [email protected].