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Just switched to my own SSL, could that effect me in search engines?

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  • Just switched to my own SSL, could that effect me in search engines?

    I have been with 3dcart for years. In the begining of Jan my site was doing well in the search engines/shopping engines. About a week and a half ago my site seemed to take a huge nose dive right after I switched over from using a shared SSL certificate to a dedicated certificate just for me (Rapid SSL). Could switching to the new SSL be effecting my site in the search engines and/or shopping engines? My sales have greatly diminished since the switch.

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    I doubt such a quick change was picked up by google. If anything, having your own SSL would be more legitimate than a shared, thus, it should have a positive effect (if it did have any effect at all).

    Start here:

    1. ID where the drop off is:
    Isolate your traffic streams, ie, google organic, google adwords, bing organic...
    Compare the traffic, conversion rate and ave order size stats. Look at a 10 day period and compare it against the previous 10 days. This will give you an idea to where the drop is.

    2. Test the SSL in all browsers, IE, FF, Chrome, Safari... You should make sure it is installed properly.

    Good luck!


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      I don't think anything you have done made this change. Google is the culprit. They rest their search rankings about every 6 months and it totally screws up everyone. Give it a few weeks and it will come back.

      Google is killing small business so beware of the things they do. Some are very detrimental to small businesses such as the related tool bar.