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  • Fraud prevention

    Does any have any sort of fraud detection software or work around for their site? I've been having a lot of fraud lately and would like to see what the community is doing out there to prevent this type of occurance.

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    We use Stone Edge order manager and it is integrated with MaxMind. It compares the location of the IP address with the shipping address and the credit card bin. Looks at a few other variables and returns a fraud score. Not perfect but an additional tool to use.
    It would be nice for users that do not use a 3rd party program if 3dcart was directly integrated with MaxMind.


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      would be nice to see 3dcart offer an app like mentioned above. looks like these are the ecommerce providers have it integrated
      MaxMind - Supported E-Commerce Software and Integration Assistance

      i would pay for something like this immediately if it was a plug in to 3dcart.


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        Just use the tools from your payment gateway. There's all kinds of good stuff you can use.
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