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Free Shipping glitch

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  • Free Shipping glitch

    So I run a free shipping promotion for USA customers with a start date of 1/27/2012 and an end date of 1/31/2012.

    Someone just CRM's me and complains that there is no free shipping.

    I check and they are right.

    I modify the end date to tomorrow - 2/1/2012.

    I check again and it shows up.

    I have never seen an expiration date work this way - ending on the end day. Usually they end a day later.

    Anyone else run into this?

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    Yes, it is like that with any promotion that you create with "promotion manager" except if you have Coupon Code. If you put 1/31/2012 as the end date, it really means midnight the day before (30th). Somehow, with a coupon, it will end on 31st midnight.
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      Well at least I wasn't going crazy.

      But the feature being ass backwards like that makes absolutely no sense.


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        I would recommend opening a ticket describing the issue. I am almost positive this is only a programming error/oversight

        Here is a link that the same issue was discussed once before:
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