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  • Google Adwords Tracking

    Has anyone gotten the Adwords (not analytics) tracking to work? I've pasted the code in the Checkout #4 Footer, but it doesn't work.

    I opened a support ticket, but 3Dcart says this requires "custom development" by them and I would need to purchase that service. I don't mind paying for custom programming, but this should be a basic feature and should not require "special development" in my opinion.

    Cant we paste the tracking code in the Thank You page after the order is completed or something? I ran a test order and I can see the code displaying the total sale, etc.. but it's not sent to Google for some reason.

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    There is a document from 3d cart that does explain this step by step. Just make sure you follow all of the step precisely and you will be all set. Ask support for the link if you can't find it. It is not as easy as putting code on the step 4 of checkout, but it still pretty basic.


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      Rob1, is this the article you are talking about?

      The post date on the article is 2006...but it looks like the PDF file is much newer than that. Can you guys please update the post date? It really threw me off.

      Also, there isn't really any explanation given for exactly the conversion tracking script does. Then how do we set it up in analytics/adwords to track it???