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CRM NOT sending customer replies to merchant

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  • CRM NOT sending customer replies to merchant

    Hi all,
    Found a bug in our CRM and thought I'd share it while 3dcart is looking for a solution. Not sure if it affects everyone's account or not:

    1. Customer uses contact form on site to submit a ticket through CRM. Merchant receives email template "CRM - New Ticket" (as normal).

    2. Merchant responds through CRM in admin with message and customer receives email template "CRM - Reply" (as normal).

    3. Customer visits special url (one given to customer from 'CRM - Reply' email) to submit updated message to ticket and CUSTOMER RECEIVES email template "CRM - Reply to Merchant" that is supposed to get sent to merchant. Merchant never receives email that customer makes update to ticket.

    Support acknowledged the issue with our account (and a test account they setup), but they are saying that in step # 3 above, instead of the customer receiving the merchant emails as I mentioned, they notice that NO emails are being sent when a customer updates ticket. This is not how it happened when we tested it, but in any case there is a bug in it so I won't argue with them. So be sure to log in to CRM and check your tickets from time to time.

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    CRMs not sending replies from merchant to customer

    We're having a similar issue, so thought I'd post, in case this helps anyone else.

    We've had emails and calls from customers, saying we never responded to their CRMs.

    When we go back to the CRM ticket in question, our response is there.

    Customers are supposed to get email notifications when we respond, and they are not. Once of our staff tested the CRM this morning, and she did not receive email acknowledgement of the original CRM, or, of the multiple replies we sent.

    We have filed a support case with 3Dcart, and if anyone else is experiencing similar issues, I encourage you to file a support case as well.


    The Watch Prince