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Any advice on retaining SERP when switching?

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  • Any advice on retaining SERP when switching?

    Hi all,

    For a long time we've run our "website (built with a website building software program)" and "shopping cart (3D Cart)" separately. So, a user does a search and finds our website, and when they see something they'd like to purchase, they click an "Add to Cart" button and are now in the shopping cart to complete their purchase.

    The "website" has the original domain name, the shopping cart has at the end.

    Being that it's 2012, it's about time that our Website and Shopping Cart are all-in-one (not separate). So, the next move is to make our 3D Cart serve not only as the shopping cart function, but the website as well. So, we'll drop the and make 3D cart our whole website and cart, now having the domain name (and thus forever getting rid of having a website that isn't also the shopping cart).

    Currently our website ranks very high on Google -- often #1 -- for a lot of relevant keywords.

    I'm concerned that in a few weeks when I switch everything over to 3D Cart that I won't do everything that I should and lose these rankings!!

    Any advice on steps that I can take to retain our high rankings?

    -Should I copy all of the File Names from our website to 3D Cart?
    -Should I construct all content pages (Home Page, etc.) on 3D Cart to have the same wording as our website currently does?
    -Anything else I should do?

    Thanks in advance!