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Alerting customers to quantity discounts

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  • Alerting customers to quantity discounts

    We are using quantity discounts and I would like to find a way to add some notation on the cart and invoice that indicates the price shown reflects a quantity discount. It could be some special formatting on the price itself or a notation similar to what the promotions provide.

    The problem we are having is that many of our customers don't remember what the original price was and because there's no mention of a quantity discount price on the cart page, emails or invoice, they believe the discount was not applied. We also have problems with return customers who have bought larger quantities previously and want the same price on a single item because there was no mention of the applied discount.

    Beyond customer confusion, we would like to alert customers that they are receiving discounts as we feel that is good marketing and promotes good customer experience.

    Am I overlooking something that could easily address this issue? I would rather not put a blanket statement hard coded on the pages, as our quantity discounts vary and could cause further confusion.

    ----- added on 02/10/2012

    To explain further.... it has been our experience that customers want to see that they are saving money when they are promised that some savings will happen. As far as I can determine, the price for the quantity discount appears formatted the same to the customer as a retail price and there is no notation that the price is reduced. This also happens for the pricing levels assigned to customer groups. We have abandoned using pricing levels for our trade discount customer group and started to use a promotion instead, as the savings is shown as a line item deducted from the order total. Before we made the switch, we spend a good deal of time trying to prove to our trade discount customers that they were, in fact, receiving their discount.

    Has someone found an alternative solution to this issue? I'm sure it is not a problem unique to our business.
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    Shelly Gardner-Alley