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Creating an Alternate Frame

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  • Creating an Alternate Frame

    On the site content window there is a drop down for which frame to use. I have a page I want to create without any of the standard stuff, basically a blank frame.

    I have downloaded the frame.html. When I upload it, what is the naming convention required so that I can see the frame template in the dropdown to select it?


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    try using the same convention as others. i.e. listing_x.html, category_x.html etc.
    it could be: frame_0.html or frame_1.html (Not sure, you will have to test this)
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      frame_1, frame_2, etc is correct. It will show in the page drop down as Style 2, style 3, and so on
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        Thanks everyone for the quick reply. Now lets see if I can do this without breaking everything

        Thanks again


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          There's an older thread which talks about alternate frames.

          It's important that you keep in mind the following... (from maksum in post #7)
          "...there are several sections of your site that don't allow you to choose a frame file besides the default. So essentially what you're doing is selecting a unique frame for your content pages (besides home.) Home, your category pages, you product listing pages, your cart page, your search results, etc. etc. will all have the original frame.html"

          You may have noticed that 3dCart actually allows you to select an alternate frame for the home page, but will not actually use it. Why? don't know -- that kind of thing will drive you crazy!

          good luck! mimi