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    Does anyone know if there is a built in 3dcart report that I'm possibly missing that shows the terms customers use in the search box? I would like to see what the most common things customers are searching for.

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    Yes, you can....well somewhat... but there are options

    If you look in each order or dropped order, and click on statistics, you will sometimes get the search term that was put in, but you don't get it all the time. Also, you can pull up searched keywords in one of the reports but that doesn't give you order specific keywords, it is not that helpful.

    I just started using Woopra and I highly recommend it. It tracks visitors and shows you where they enter, what they are doing on the site, a map to their current location, the keyword they used to find you, the operating system they used, the browser and version, etc... plus you can offer to chat with them. I am doing the 30 day trial and it's really great, I have been tracking it for half a month now and I think I am buying into it. Google Analytics is free and works as well but no where near as well as Woopra.


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      I know this is an old thread, but I just figured out how to do this and thought that it would be best to post the solution here rather than start a new thread.
      • Go to Reports>Statistics>Pages
      • Select a time period (I did "last 30 days")
      • Export a file; view in Excel
      • Sort your results by "Name"
      • Find all the lines which include search.asp
      • Delete all other pages -- easy to do once the search.asp pages are grouped together after sort.
      • Sort again by "Hits"

      Tada! Search terms are in the URL strings.