This is hard to explain but I will do my best. When everyone sets up with 3dcart originally, all page URL's on your site look like this... (htt​ps:​//d​ogg​ie-​div​a.3​dca​rts​tor​es.​com​/product.html), right?

Well, I started to notice last month in Webmaster Tools that the #1 site linking to me is (3dcartstores). Begining of Jan there were about 200 links listed that looked like this (htt​ps:​//d​ogg​ie-​div​a.3​dca​rts​tor​es.​com​/elk-antlers-for-dogs.html) or whatever the product or category was and many have an _c). Mid Feb there were over 400 links. Today I checked and now there are over 1000 backlinks to me from 3dcartstores. Many of these links, when you click on them, bring up a big security SSL warning. I am not sure why these pages are even being indexed and I wouldn't even be worrying about it if the number stayed the same, but it just seems to be growing at a rapid pace.

The only thing I have done different since the begining of Jan & today is changed my SSL certificate from the 3dcartstore shared certificate to a dedicate Rapid SSL sold to me by 3dcart. I don't know where exactly these backlinks are linking from but if people are seeing them anywhere or they are causing duplicate content, then that is a problem.

Anyone have any idea what this is or have you had this yourself? I am assuming anyone using 3dcart would have these types of links in Webmaster Tools if this was something normal?

I have attached some screen shots for your reference, so you can see a visual. Any insite or help would be so greatly appreciated!