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Photo Contest Entry as a product...Possible?

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  • Photo Contest Entry as a product...Possible?

    Hi all,

    This may be completely impossible, or improbable at the very least, but I had an idea to make a Photo Contest Entry as a product (see attached screen shot for something that I made in 2 minutes...obviously it'd be a little more refined).

    What I'm trying to do is make it extremely easy for a customer to enter as soon as they see that we're having our photo contest. They would see we're having a photo contest when they enter our website, click for "More information", and would be sent to a page where they can enter the contest right then and "email your photo to us". We would get their entry almost as if an order was placed and they didn't have to do much of anything to enter other than upload a file!

    I put a File Field for a customer to upload a photo from their computer directly (not sure what the file size limit is...but that's for testing at a later time if this can even be done).

    What I'm trying to do is make what's usually the "Add to Cart" button in a product page actually into a Mail To function, where clicking the button "submits" (emails) their photo contest entry to us.

    Possible, or is this just a stupid idea? I was originally looking to make a Form to fill out, but that confused me, so I got the idea for a product page...essentially they'd work the same way :)

    Of if anyone has any idea on how to build a form that would work in the same manner (perhaps in a Site Content page), that'd certainly work as well!

    Thanks in advance for any ideas, suggestions, or tips!
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