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  • File Upload on checkout

    We have a class of customers that pay with purchase orders, and we would love to give them the opportunity to upload a soft copy either in the Payment Method (appears only to accept text fields) or Checkout Questions (has more options such as radio, dropdown, but no upload). Has anyone tried to implement an upload, other than in a product option scenario?

    Right now we have a lot of work matching up orders with the actual PO copies that get emailed to us after the fact.


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    Having the ability to implement a file uploader on the order details page in a customer's account would be a huge plus. An uploader such as the product option file uploader located on the order details page would allow for your purpose to be made possible while also allowing for t-shirt shops, graphic design shops, print shops, embroidery shops, and many other business to allow for the uploading of files directly to a customer's order after the order has been placed which would cut down on the stay files that randomly appear when a customer finds and plays around with the options uploader which then consumes/wastes bandwidth and storage space.