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HELP! Dropdown boxes not working... anyone had this issue?

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  • HELP! Dropdown boxes not working... anyone had this issue?

    I've just contacted 3D Cart for the 3rd time recently regarding this issue, and they tell me they can't reproduce it.

    The dropdown boxes in the front end of our store, and also the admin area, do not work! Specifically, the state and country dropdowns when creating a new account. We've also been having issues with product size dropdowns.... sometimes they appear, but if you select a size, even if its in stock, you get an error.

    Can any of you please just tell me if you see the state / country dropdowns and that they WORK under our account page? Go to My Account > Create New Account. I would GREATLY appreciate the feedback!

    Store is: Please note that I am still developing this site!! It is NOT finished. However, we have had customers using it for the past month already... It will officially launch in a month or so...

    Thanks so much!
    Greg B

    PS: I've attached a couple screenshots of what I'm seeing, but they pics are so small (upload limits), you may not be able to see very well, sorry...
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    Can't get the country or the state to populate for me to finish creating the account Using FF 11.0


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      It doesn't look like the the original registration coding. Did you change the registration html? Normally there are not any "formInput" tags anywhere. If you have changed the html go to your templates and look for registration_0.html. If it has been modified, revert to the original and see if the problem still exists for your registration page.

      Did you send the screenshots to support so they can see the issue. Because the backend is pretty odd
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